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Our parent company, Zink Corporation, was awarded Columbus Best Places to work 2023. Join one of the best places to work!

At zink Hospitality, we understand that our employees are the cornerstone of our success. We are dedicated to fostering a company culture that values our team members and recognizes their contributions. As an employee-owned company, we take pride in offering an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to all our employees. This means that you will have a direct stake in the company’s achievements and share in our profits as we grow. Our ESOP also provides an additional retirement benefit, ensuring a secure financial future for our valued team.

Our company culture is centered on teamwork, respect, and collaboration. We believe in working together to reach our objectives and supporting one another along the way. We cultivate an environment of open communication, where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives. We understand the significance of work-life balance and provide flexible schedules and paid time off to help our employees maintain a healthy equilibrium.

Our focus is to provide you with not just furniture, but the right furniture that fits your unique needs. From functional seating to stylish tables, our offerings are designed to blend seamlessly into your establishment, enhancing both aesthetic and operational efficiencies. Partner with us to address the unique challenges of your fast-paced, diverse hospitality environment with tailor-made solutions.

Rian Hassen and Brian Tarpy at the Wasserstrom Showcase in Columbus Ohio

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AIM National employees work hard and play hard, valuing excellence and a positive attitude above all else. We approach work and life with enthusiasm and passion, fostering a tight-knit workplace across regions and teams. Learn more about our incredible company culture on our Linkedin here.


The ESOP is a long-term retirement savings benefit that holds stock in AIM. The size of the ESOP benefit employees enjoy is tied to the performance of our company. Having this ownership structure brings the following advantages for employees and our company.

For Employees

Receive a company-paid benefit that does not require any out-of-pocket investment from employees. Gain an opportunity to share in the value the business generates over time. Grow long-term wealth through the work you do each day.

For Our Company 

Offer a unique retirement benefit that rewards valued employees for company success. Stabilize future company ownership in a way that facilitates healthy company growth.

We run on EOS logo

Entrepreneurial Operating System

We are proud to run on EOS which drives our day to day The EOS Model provides a visual illustration of the Six Key Components™ of any business that must be managed and strengthened to be a great business. This model applies to big and small businesses alike, in any industry.

Our Core Values


We believe in delivering added value for our customers. Customer-First is the foundation of our business. We listen to our customers’ needs and we recognize that customer satisfaction is every employee’s responsibility.


We strive for Excellence in everything we do. The integrity of our people and our best-in-class processes and facilities make us the first choice for representation.

Forward Focus & Results Driven

We are a Results Driven team. We succeed by being forward-focused, setting challenging goals and having a sense of urgency in all that we do, all with our customer’s success in mind.

Positive Attitude

We approach work and life with enthusiasm, passion and an eye on balance.

We Care

We Care for one another, our customers and our community. With respect and discipline, we are accountable, we “do the right thing” and we maintain high ethical standards.

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